RADD Consulting offers services to clients in MNC, the insurance industry, supply chain manufacturers and financial institutions.

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Multi-National Corporations (MNC)

Most global businesses will have some level of loss prevention standard or enterprise risk management strategy. Resources are often stretched or regional knowledge is not available to apply these successfully on the ground in Asia. RADD can support the development or implementation of risk strategies by understanding the clients’ needs and utilizing their knowledge of the region.

Whether looking to establish in Asia, expand through acquisition or identify third party suppliers RADD can provide the needed due diligence efforts. This can be done as a preliminary desktop exercise or through site surveys, depending on client requirements.

Establishing new facilities to the required standard, in a region remote from a company’s established base, can be challenging. Competing requirements with regional codes, lack of quality materials and trained consultants can impact budget, timelines and the final result on projects. RADD will provide feedback and solutions to mitigate these risks.

We complete location surveys for global businesses seeking compliance with international or corporate risk management requirements for construction, fire protection and operational risks either at their own or third party supplier facilities.


Financial Institutions

For financial institutions who own, lend to or advise clients on industrial entities with significant Asian operations, it is important to understand and manage all types of risk. Major losses can interrupt production, often severely affecting an organisation’s reputation and profitability. This has been clearly demonstrated by major flood, earthquake and tsunami events as well as high profile fires and explosions across Asia in recent years. For the majority of cases proper due diligence would have identified the potential for loss.

Using their experience across a wide range of industrial segments RADD offers due diligence services relating to physical risks on existing and prospective investments. This can be done by site survey or as a desktop exercise utilising existing broker or insurance company reports.

RADD offers scenario analysis for investors, based on their existing portfolio holdings with regards to either industry segment or location. RADD also provides training for analysts and portfolio managers on industrial practices, loss trends and the impact of new technologies.


Insurance Industry

For operational risks location surveys are carried out to insured locations to provide needed underwriting information. Quantification of expected losses, both financial and expected downtime, is based on analysis of existing construction, operational controls and installed protection. As needed and requested by the client, scenarios and quantification of PML/MFL are completed in a consistent manner.

Our Desktop Reviews utilising existing insurance company or broker reports use our years of experience across a wide range of industrial segments to give an overall picture of the quality of a risk. Additionally areas where there is questionable or missing information are clearly identified.

Throughout Asia the rate of Foreign Direct Investment has meant the majority of MNC have at least some level of presence or expansion in Asia. RADD manage project risk by providing a consistent approach to the provision of construction, protection and operational related recommendations. RADD tracks projects from inception through to completion and operation, a real value add to your global clients.


OEM / ODM / Supply Chain Manufacturers

Asian based suppliers are under ever increasing client requirements for compliance to international standards in many areas. For those looking to compete or become part of the supply chain in the international marketplace RADD can assist with reviewing current standards, providing solutions and strategies to give a competitive advantage.

Increasingly supply chain manufacturers are being required to construct new facilities to international standards as part of their contracts with international clients. This can cause major problems with regional codes, lack of quality materials and trained consultants impacting budget, timelines and the final result on projects. RADD will provide customised feedback to mitigate these risks.